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What is the situational overview or information necessary in order to understand context? What led to this study? What are the business goals?
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What are the research problems we're investigating? What are the specific research questions for each of those problems? How are they tied to project goals?
Study Participants

What are the characteristics of the users, or groups of users, that we want to conduct research with? What is the recruiting criteria? How many of each type of user do you need (remember 5 is the minimum.)

What do we already think we know? What are our assumptions? What do we already think we understand or know about our users?
Research Methods

Which, if any, research methods does your team prefer in order answer the research question? Please select all of interest.

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When would you like recruiting to begin and the study take place? When do results need to be delivered?

Are there any constraints we should be aware of. For example, sometimes the development team must reach a certain milestone before testing may be completed. If so, please describe.
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